Friday 16th May Tafraoute - Biougra - Tifnit

After a late breakfast, Willy was in no state to drive, need a day's rest. We decidedto split up for a day and Sagers and ourselves decided to leave to visit some Argan cooperative. Gabriel, Markus and Stirnemanns would rest the day. Still in Tafraoute we visited bank, pharmacy, tourist kiosk and foodstore before heading to the Argan Coop. Did some more shoping, then took on the road to Tizi Mill pass. As I studied the map and time, I proposed to do a detour to the beach. Seemed to suit all, and off we went to Tifnit. Mountains followed by hills and eventually the open flat land before the Atlantic. On the way we helped a local who could not lift the pick up loaded with water melons with his little jack. His tire had burst, the rim was destroyed and with more than a ton of melons loaded, he could not fit the spare tire. Matter of minutes, my 8 ton jack had the Toyota lifted and he fitted the wheel and we were give a big water melon as thank you, and off we went again. One more roundabout, and 10 km of straight road, a small hill and there was the Atlantic. What a beautiful sight. We drove right to the beach until the wheels were at the shore where the waves touched the firebrigade Land Rover of Biglen. Shoes off, into the water and surfing with the Maxtrax... No they don't swim! It was fantastic. 4 km inland we had seen a sign for a camp ground. We drove back there, asked for a place and found that behind the reception building we would have a good shelter from the stormy winds. It turned out that Bakanou, a french man had set up a fantastic campground with immaculate toilets and showers. His Bedouine employee prepared for us on such short notice a fish tajine that was just excellent.

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