Sunday 18th May Tizi N'Test - Marrakech

As we sat at breakfast, a couple on push bikes cycled passed us and stopped as they were Swiss too, on their way to the summit of the pass.

After a quick coffee, they continued, as for them, every minute delay meant the sun was getting stronger and hotter up the road.

We packed up, bid the two in their Toyota farewell and drove up the pass road. Again passed some hair raising road works, up the winding pass roar. It was fantastic! Near the top we stopped for coffee and on top again for some photos. Again we had reached one of the highlights of our tour.

On the way down towards Marrakech we stopped at an old Mosque that had been partly renovated.

Few miles further we stopped once again, because the Discovery’s air suspension again had failed and Stirnemann were being shaken around in their Landy that still had the wooden block fixed to the axle.

As we couldn’t get it fixed, we drove on as good and fast as could. Eventually we arrived in centre Marrakech, where we were guided to a secure parking spot.

A short walk with the necessary luggage later, we arrived at our Riad Fatinat, a really beautiful, small and quiet hotel. We choose the rooms and got ready for a first walk to the main square Jamoa El Fna, where we had dinner in one of the numerous mobile restaurants. Lots and lots of people, but most interesting was to watch the locals having their dinners and evening activities. Afterwards of course we had to visit the Souk before we had a coffee on the way back to the Riad.

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