Tuesday, 20th May, Marrakech

A word of explanation is required at this point.
Of course the shopping in Marrakech is for some of us not like going through a DIY store or getting dirty hands under the bonnet of the Land Rover.
Considering that our wives had accompanied us men already more than 3000 km during this vacation over winding mountain tracks, through the desert and sand storms, at times in a heat close to 50 degrees centigrades, waiting, whilst us men repaired bits and pieces on the Landys to keep us going, living it in the rough with unshaven men, miles from running water and a shower, considering all this, we men had it very easy, shopping in the souk with our wives! Thank you Christine, Marianne and Galina.
So after breakfast today, Galina and I were away again, first to the post office to drop off some  post cards, just for the very few privileged ones, the cards will arrive after we’ll be back home.
Later we took a drive in a horse carriage for a look around the Medina the lazy way.
Sure enough we did a little more shopping before we returned to the Riad to relax.
Next we had to decide where to dine in the evening. So turned out that we chose the restaurant Foundouk. To find it was another story! The internet gave general directions but finally we had to ask the way. However there is a restaurant and a riad with the same name which caused some confusion about left or right turn, depending who we asked. eventually we found it!
Dinner was very nice, ever wine was served. The location exquisite, the best we had in Morocco.
Finding the way back to the hotel was yet another sory. Since we were not quite sure how we had reached the restaurant, it was also guess work how to get back.
All eight of us walking through narrow, dirty and dark lanes, more cats than humans along the way, eventually we saw a sign directing us to the Jamaa El Fna. It was a rather long detour but hey, yet another adventure!

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