Thursday 22nd May, Mansouria - Moulay-Bousselham

Wow, my Big Len got back to good motor temperature in no time and ran more smoothly also! We drove along the coast line to Rabat, around it and nearby the Airport visited another Supermarket for cash, wine, petrol and air for the tyre. Must top up the front right tyre daily! Along the coast again we chose not to use the motorway. However the parallel running "main road" is totally ruined, with huge pot holes in the nearly non existing tarmac, worse than any dirt road the Landys were thrown about. The reason is that the road is used by heavy tipper trucks for the construction of the new high speed train line Tanger - Rabat. Only after about 20 km could we enter onto the toll motorway and make the rest of the day's trip smoothely. 4x4s should be used where tourists can't go, not next to the motorway at 15 kph! We arrived at the camp ground by the lagoon near the open sea. Here we met with Markus again. Sagers and us took a walk through the village to look for a sea food restaurant. Just about every one of the restaurants had a guy that hasseled us to have food at their place, one couisine better than the next! We walked to the beach and I had a quick swim in the warm sea. Back at the camp and after the shower we went to the one restaurant were we had not been harrassed and enjoyed a delicious fish dinner.

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